We will continue to take on challenges from Japan and the world based through our three businesses.

Since our company’s establishment in Kyoto in 1949, we have flexibly responded to the changing needs of the times and have continued to expand our business. In addition to the trading company function, Kamogawa has established services that only Kamogawa can provide through development and manufacturing. As a “manufacturer-type trading company,” we will continue to take on challenges not only in Japan but also in the world with our unique business model.

Production Goods Wholesale Business

PB(Private Brand)Business

Renovation Business

Production Goods Wholesale Business

We provide all the solutions you need at the manufacturing site.

We provide a variety of solutions for manufacturing sites, with a focus on the top manufacturers.
In addition, we are able to provide a one-stop supply of products overseas through cooperation with our business partners and our own logistics services.

A wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm of each individual

At Kamogawa, each employee has a great deal of discretion. We will contribute to our customers’ manufacturing by leveraging our knowledge from a wide range of industries, sharing our know-how through study sessions and training, and above all, our individual enthusiasm.

A wide range of products from major to small-sized manufacturers.

We provide a wide variety of products to meet the needs of our customers, from major to small-sized manufacturers. Based on the relationships of trust that we have built up over the years, we support our customers by working closely with them.

A unique logistics service

We offer a one-stop supply of products through our unique logistics services.
We provide comprehensive support for our customers both domestically and internationally, no matter where they are located.

PB(Private Brand)Business

We aim to be a creative trading company with only one brand as our strength.

“I wish I had a product like this…”. Our private brand was born out of these requests from some of our customers. We have responded to the needs of them by making our own products.

Renovation Business

After-sales service

We provide not only private brand products, but also remake products manufactured by other factories. Our processing technology has been evaluated and approved as a “Re-Grinding Authorized Factory”.

Make tools longer life and easier to use

Our factory remakes the product according to the customer’s needs. Regardless of the product, we are making every effort to extend the life of the tools and return them to the customer in a better form than ever before.

Maintenance of machines and equipment

We are committed to completing maintenance as soon as possible, not to decrease customer’s productivity.

Hanoi Showroom and Training Center

We have established a training center in Vietnam to improve our product knowledge and technical capabilities. We provide the best possible service to our customers through both training and maintenance.