Super-small High Precision CNC Lathe XKNC-50G

Super-small High Precision CNC Lathe XKNC-50G

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Product overview

XKNC-50G machine tool is a kind of gang tool lathes.

It is characterized by φ30 of spindle through-hole diameter, additionally installed power chuck, cast iron lathe bed and Z axis troughbeam design.

It inherits hight precision property from XKNC – 20 G and superior cutting property from XKNC-100G.

This product is more suitable to application in industries, such as optics, automobile, micromotor, bearing etc.

If equipped with precision pneumatic chuck and other special fixture, it may have part deformation in control, especially do better in high precision processing of part with thin-wall, like processing and casting, cold pressing part etc.


  1. Dovetail Sliding Guide Rail
  2. Double-V-shape Sliding Guide Rail
  3. Proper Permutation Structure
  4. Selection of Diversiform Automatic Fixture Unclamping & Clamping Device
  5. Y-axis Drive Power Tool

Tool layout:

  • Motor power: 750W
  • Maximum speed: 6000r/min
  • Y-axis rapid feed rate: 15m/min
  • Y-axis travel distance: 95mm
  • Maximum power tool installation number: 3
  • ER16 Spring collet specification: ER16

6. Precision Mail Shafts

7. Polygon Power Milling Device

8. Dovetail Special Made Tool Holder Bottom Plate

9. High-precision