Super-small High Precision CNC Lathe XKNC-20G

Super-small High Precision CNC Lathe XKNC-20G

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Product overview

The CNC lathes require small installing space and low cost, are designed to deal with the precision machining of small diameter, with maintenance – free servomotors adopted.

They are characterized by small size, high feeding accuracy, easy operation and maintenance, a smooth escape of chips.

Etc, all these advantages made them into a successful small-size CNC lathe. CS function can be set to realize the precision machining of a curve or curved surface.


  1. Dovetall Sliding Guide Rall
  2. Proper Permutation Structure
  3. Precision Mall Shafts
  4. Selection of Diversiform Automatic Fixture Unclamping & Clamping Device
  5. Easy Operation and Maintenance
  6. Polygon power Milling Device
  7. Oilmist Device
  8. Powerful AC Servo Motor
  9. Processing Precision within 0.2 μm