Super-small High Precision CNC Lathe XKNC-203

Super-small High Precision CNC Lathe XKNC-203

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Product overview:

Machine model NXKNC-203 is developed by improving and upgrading XKNC-202 series machine tool which is trusted and accepted widely by the market all the time.
Besides high processability and operability like the original machine, XKNC-203 is a kind of precision CNC machine tool characterized by totally-enclosed design, larger operation space and easier for adjustment and maintenance in comparison to the traditional automatic lathe or special machine.

Product specification

1. Dovetail sliding guide rall

Guide all adopts the high quality cast iron with quenching, grinding and scarping treatment, which will prolong the precision retaining period of the guide all surface and keep the stable precision of the machine tool for a long time

2. Dovetail guide rall

The machine is equipped with the proper mutation structure and sufficient tool installation space. The precise machining tools for drilling thread tapping, internal boring tuming threading and cutting can be installed in the tool post

3. Olimist device

Optional ON/OFF designation is possible with control by the M code

4. Precision Mall Shafts

The shafts are made of quality material and have been subjected to multiple heat treatments and exquisite machining.

The bearings adopt original precision bearings from Japan
The waterproofs adopt special high level waterproof rings from German

5. Selection of Diversiform Automatic Fixture Unclamping & Clamping Device

The shift type clamping mechanism which is well known for its high speed and steadiness is a standard accessory. And spring collet clamping mode is also used for machine tools. It is convinient to adjust the clamping force and exchange to collet. Precision air chuck clamping mode is an optional accessory. Comparing with the spring collet clamping mode, it bears much more strength in clamping force, accuracy, and clamping range.

6. Easier operation and maintenance

Wedge-shaped design of guide rall panel on X/Z axis is favorable to precision adjustment and recovery. Humanized design of preposing CRT operation panel is convinient for the user’s operation. Sliding door of machine tool is designed in three-point support which will make the operation more stavle and smoother

7. Totally-enclosed machine tool shell cover

Machine tool shell cover is totally-enclosed design with larger internal operation space and better protection, and if its furnished with oil and mist collection device, the work environment will be better

8. High function

Processing accuracy within 0.5 mm, of circularity
Super precise angufar bearing was employed for the main shaft
High precision processing is possible as fitting adjustment has been made carefully on each side surface.

9. Easy operation

The tooling area is as vide as 200mm for the X axis and 180mm for the Z axis

10. Compact

Realized further down-sizing
XKNC-203 is a compact type which realized further down-sizing comparing with the conventional machine.
It flexibility cope with the space and layout of production line

11. Wide operation space

Although the small machine size of XKNC-203, it has wide travel range of 200mm X axis and 180mm Z axis. Machine tool shell cover is totally-enclosed design with larger internal operation space than the original XKNC-202 series machine tool, also it is better protection, and easy to debug and install special accessories.