Super Small High Precision CNC composite turret Lathe TX-75/75D

Super Small High Precision CNC composite turret Lathe TX-75/75D

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Product overview:

TX-75D is a kind of lathe, with Cs Contour, 10 station turret and 0.5 sec. T to T time. TX-75D can be equipped with rotary tool, the number and position of which are optional. Its function of rigid threading with rotary tool can realize turning and milling process at the same time at one clamping. The aim is multi-surface compound process for small-type high precision work piece.

Product specification


  • Item: TX-75D (⌀25) & TX-75D (⌀30)
  • Max. machining diameter (Chuck work): ⌀80mm
  • Max. machining diameter (Bar work): TX-75D (⌀25): ⌀25mm; TX-75D (⌀30): ⌀30mm
  • Max. machining length: 50mm
  • Max. machining length: 100mm


  • Spindle speed: TX-75D (⌀25): Max.6000rpm; Max.4500rpm
  • Through hole diameter: TX-75D (⌀25): ⌀26mm; ⌀32mm
  • Number of speed ranges: Step-less
  • Height from floor to spindle center: 1065mm

Rapidly travel

  • X-axis rapid traverse: 16m/min
  • Z-axis rapid traverse: 20m/min

Turret slide

  • Number of tools: 10
  • Indexing time: 0.5sec/1pos
  • Tool size: 13mm


  • X-axis travel: 95mm
  • Z-axis travel: 210mm

Rotary tools

  • Rotary tool speed: Max. 5000rpm


  • Spindle servo motor: 3.7/5.5KW
  • Feed servo motor: 0.75/1.2KW
  • Turret index: 1.2KW
  • Rotary tools spindle motor: 0.55/1.1KW


  • Required electric power: 10KVA, AC200V ± 10%
  • Floor space: 1740 x 1305 x 1712mm
  • Mass of machine: 1000Kg

*Specifications subject to change without notice for improvements and modifications