Power Management Products SANUPS SOFTWARE Ver.3

Power Management Products SANUPS SOFTWARE Ver.3


SKU Model (No.) Supported Operating Systems Remarks
PMS50B00E Windows version 1 Licenses(Without cable)
PMS50B00E-10 Windows version 10 Licenses(Without cable)
PMS50B00E-50 Windows version 50 Licenses(Without cable)
PMS50B00E-100 Windows version 100 Licenses(Without cable)
PMS50B01E Windows version 1 License(With cable)
PMS51B00E 1 Licenses(Without cable)
PMS51B00E-10 10 Licenses(Without cable)
PMS51B00E-50 50 Licenses(Without cable)
PMS51B00E-100 100 Licenses(Without cable)
PMS51B01E 1 License(With cable)
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In the event of a utility failure, this software automatically and safely shuts down computers in connection to a UPS unit.
Also, it enables the UPS status management from computers.
It provides power management solutions for systems consisting of a UPS and multiple computers in connection.
It may be used in IPv4/IPv6 network environment. (With some OSs, however, it only supports IPv4 format.)


  • Automatic shutdown of computers (cross-platform support)
  • Shutdown of computers in power redundancy (only when used with our LAN Interface Card)
  • Execution of user commands
  • Automatic computer startup at power restoration
  • Scheduled operations
  • UPS status display (Web browser and Telnet compatible)
  • E-mail transmission and reception
  • Test functions (script execution, e-mail transmission, shutdown)
  • Event log view

PC-UPS connection configurations

  • UPS connection via serial port (serial or dry contact connection)
  • Network connection via LAN Interface Card
  • Note: Note: It can operate in dual stack configuration using both IPv4 and IPv6. Device can be registered with a hostname (can be resolved to either IPv4 or IPv6), or either an IPv4 or an IPv6 address.