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Product overview

OBOT-100GL series is the small-sized precision automatic CNC lathe developed by Xi’an Kitamura precision Machine Works Co.Ltd according to many years of its experience in NC machine tool design and adopting sophisticated technology.

It is characterized by low cost and small size and famous for its high rigidity and high precision and is applicable to automatic precision machining of small components.

XKNC-100GL, based on XKNC-100G (φ25), is equipped with high-speed automatic loading and unloading manipulator and automatic store holder device.

It is able to implement an asynchronous operation of cutting processing of component and production and processing efficiency.

The added Cs function shall implement precision work of curve or contour.


  1. Modular servo-manipulator
  2. General control system
  3. System safety protection
  4. Fast loading and un-loading. Manipulator save time and labor
  5. Safety and stability
  6. Various automation device
  7. Dovetail Sliding Guide Rail Double-V-shape Sliding Guide Rail
  8. Proper Permutation Structure
  9. Precision Mail Shafts
  10. Selection of Diversiform Automatic Fixture Unclamping Device
  11. Polygon Power Milling Device
  12. Y-axis Drive Power Tool
  13. High-precision