NX30 High-adhesive and sound-absorbing grease spray

NX30 High-adhesive and sound-absorbing grease spray


Heat resistant ・ Cold resistant and Water resistant grease


  • Does not flaw at the high temperature excellent heat- resistant (900oC) and keep excellent performance.
  • Strong adhesive force reduces the brake pad noise and protect the brake parts from water or humidity.
  • Suitable for assembling disk brake pads due to matt feel- finishing
  • Compounded with Heat resistance solid lubricant (ZnO).


Inner yoke of calipers, Slide pin, both sides of Side plate, Connecting point between pistons and pads, Connecting point between pads and mounting bracket, Between back plate and shim, Connecting point of mounting bracket, Connecting point between shoe and back plate, Connecting points between shoe and piston, anchor.