NX Maintenance Chemicals – NX941 Refilling Spray Can

NX Maintenance Chemicals – NX941 Refilling Spray Can


Easy-refilling Spray for the Part Cleaner

Quantity per Unit: 1 can


Refilling part cleaner can be made approximately 60 cans from the cleaning liquid

Environment-friendly due to compressed air injection

Unique cleaning liquid has been passed “The ordinance on the prevention of organic solvent poisoning”

Refilling can is a light and strong pressure tight steel can which can be reused

HOW TO USE (Outline)

  1. Install the volume cock to a 18L container (Only screw-top can is able to install)
  2. Put the 18L container sideway and keep a transparent pipe into the can (Please put the cap on the cap holder after taking it off)
  3. Push a black button and pull it back and remove the can from the pipe slowly when liquid solution stops flowing
  4. Recap the spray can tightly
  5. Inject the air 3-5 seconds from the bottom of the spray can. Finish

(For more information, please read the operation manual attached with the machine body)

  • Notice: Product code 00265, 00257, 00251 are sold separately