NX Car Care Chemicals Rhythm Hand Soap

NX Car Care Chemicals Rhythm Hand Soap

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Pure Soap Base (scrub included) Cosmetic fof Hand-wash


  • Rich foaming and detergency of soap based made of materials from plant (palm).
  • Unlike typical liquid hand soap (petroleum base) included with scrubs, this is a hand soap for skin-care and evnironment-friendly industry developed on the base of plant-derived soap.
  • The biggest difference from petroleum base is rich foaming and powerful detergency. After rinsing, fresh clean-up will be completed with no greasy cleaning ingredient

General example of usage:

  • Clean greasy dirt sticking into hands

Technical information:

Sericin hand soap

  • Rhythm hand soap with combination of sericin (silk extraction essence), aloe essence, natural herb essence
  • Bio soap with combination of aloe barbadensis leave essence, royal jelly essence, hyaluronan acid Bio soap
  • Combination of hyaluronan acid, collagen, royal jelly essence