SKU Chuck size Clamping Power(MIN)(N・m) Tightening Force (N・m) Loosening Force (N・m)
HPC42 39206240
HPC32 2450 6240
HPC25 1760 6240
HPC20 1180 6240
HPC16 780 6240
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Only Micron Chuck can guarantee such runouts as 0.001mm at chuck nose and 0.002mm at 3xD.

Micron Chuck was developed utilizing Showa original direct clamping mechanism and assembling technology acquired in manufacturing high-quality machine spindles for a long experience.

Clamping power as high as other milling chucks

High accuracy Micron Chuck has a high clamping power,too. The clamping power of ø32 ID Micron chuck is 2,450Nm, and ø6 ID 49Nm – about 2 times bigger than hydraulic chucks.

The cutter is not axially moved by clamping POINT

The cutter is not withdrawn by clamping like collet chucks, due to its unique mechanism. It is required in mass manufacturing line to preset cutter length to close tolerance. In case of collet chuck, the axial cutter projection is shortened by clamping. The back end of the cutter is pressed to the back-up screw at that time, which may cause bending and breakage of small dimeter cutters.

Highly balanced and sealed chuck.

From 8,000min-1 to 10,000min-1

Thru-the-tool coolant type.

Thru-the-tool coolant type Micron Chucks available. Please specify it at the time of ordering.

Mechanical chuck, Heater is not required.

Shrink-fit holders have restrictions of cutter material. But, Micron Chucks are applicable to any material of cutters, keeping high accuracy for a long period of time.

Wide application range.

You can extend application range of Micron Chucks by using straight collets. But, direct chucking is recommended to obtain the highest performance.

Product specification


AA grade : 1µm at chuck nose,
2µm at 3×D guranteed.

Clamping Power

φ6 49N・m
φ32 2450N・m


Periodical greasing since a mechanical chuck.


Easy presetting, since cutter is stable.

Clamping power & Tightening Force

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