JIP109 Soft Grease Spray

JIP109 Soft Grease Spray


JIP109 Soft Grease Spray 300ml – Aerosol


  • Long-term lubrication and anti-corrosion due to exceptional waterproof and anti-corrosion
  • Almost no foam when spraying
  • Superior performance on permeability and heat resistance

General Example of Usage

  • Anti-corrosion and lubrication of a rotating and sliding parts of metal on metal
  • Anti-corrosion and lubrication of parts getting wet by steam or water
  • Anti-corrosion of farm equipment e.g. cutter, cutting blade

Technical Information

  • Penetration (25°C, 60W/min)
  • Salt spray = more than 500 hours
  • Temperature limits of usage = -20°C~170°C