• Outstanding power and accuracy created by ball screws
  • Ball screw mechanism is employed first time to milling chuck.

    A long seller Collet Chuck which employs ball screw mechanism
    for the first time in the world. Various shank types and sizes are available
    for wide range of applications.


Product description:

1. Clamping power increased by 3~5 times.

The ball screw creates high clamping power by drawing in the cutter when the nut is tightened.
The high clamping power is obtained in any place of the spring collet. Clamping power is multiplied by 3~5 times compared with non-ball screw chucks.

Accuracy is increased by original spring collet

High accuracy is obtained, since the collet is free from twisting force due to the thrust ball structure.
SHOWA original way of manufacture and heat treatment, high accuracy of the Spring Collet is maintained for a long period of time.

High rigidity is realized by thick wall structure.

Very thick wall of Hard Chuck provides high chucking power, high rigidity and accuracy, even in hard jobs.

Very easy to clamp and unclamp

The SHOWA original ball screw mechanism provides easy chucking. A cutter is clamped and unclamped only by a half turn of the nut.
(The nut is fixed by a built-in braking mechanism)

Standard type:

Wonderful power of steel ball

Steel balls are used as a rolling transmission, by which the chuck can be clamped with less hand power. The ball screw race of the nut and chuck body is finished by close tolerance grinding, to realize highest accuracy, chucking power and rigidity


BT Series: P.45,46
HSK Series: P.117
ST Series: P.149
NT Series: P.157
MT Series: P.159