Below is a typical installation drawing for Cleaning Equipment.
Explanation of each part of the Cabinex system.
(1) CABINEX Body・Main : to contain CO 2 Cylinder and Control Panel. It should be selected in accordance with the volume of extinguishing chemical agent required.
(2) CABINEX Body・Sub : to contain only CO 2 Cylinder which is discharged together with Main’s simultaneously.
(3) TH Sensor : Heat Detector at 70℃. Hatsuta’s original sensor.
(4) Infrared Sensor : Flame Detector. Hatsuta’s original sensor.
(5) Nozzle : Total flooding system.



Product Specification

  • Type: Separate Type
  • Certification No. COX-7ENS2

Main Chasis & Container

  • External Dimentions (H×W×D)mm:920×320×215
  • Weight: Approx. 36kg
  • Fire Extinguishing Agent: Carbon Dioxide ( CO2 )
  • Weight of the Fire Extinguishing Agent: 6.8kg
  • Coating Specifications: Coating Color : Red Melamine Baking Finish, Japaning
  • Material: Steel ( SPCC ) t=1.2mm
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0℃~+40℃
  • Unit Product Code: 60050299
  • Maintenance valve: With Out