Product specifications:

Certification No. : COX-3KZ


  • External Dimensions ( H×W×D ) mm: 580×180×230
  • Extinguishing Agent Weight: 3.2kg
  • Total Weight: Approx.20kg
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Steel

Control Unit

  • Operating Temperature Range: 0℃~ 40℃
  • Input Voltage: AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
  • Power ( Max ): 8VA Max.
  • Control Circuit Voltage: DC24V
  • Alarm Buzzer: Alarm: Continuous Sound Fault: Intermittent Sound
  • Power LED: Green, Normal: ON Alarm: Flashing Fault: OFF
  • Heat Detector Input: 1 Line
  • TH Sensor Input: 2 Lines
  • Start Button: Red with breakable acrylic cover
  • Machine Stop Relay: Contact C×1
  • Single pole double through relay contact
  • Fault Relay: Contact C×1
  • Single pole double through relay contact
  • Relay Contact Specification: 60W Max. 125VA Max. 1A Max. 250V AC Max. 200V DC Max.
  • Remote Start Button: Option (Allows manual actuation from a remote position)
  • Additional Relays: Option ( 4 Single pole double through relay contacts )
  • Unit Product Code: 60075199

Product Description

The drawing above is a typical example for installation of CABINEX for NC lathe. The same systems can be applied for Machining Center.
Explanation of each part of the Cabinex system.
(1)CABINEX Body : It contains CO 2 Cylinder and Control Panel. It should be decided in accordance with the volume of chemical agent required.
(2)TH Sensor : Heat Detector at 70℃. Hatsuta’s original sensor.
(3)Nozzle : Total flooding system.