Collet Chuck RSC

Collet Chuck RSC

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These chucks are most suitable chuck for drilling, milling, reaming, tapping.

High accuracy collet

①High accuracy collets are used.
②The Collet is made of quality alloy steel which minimizes strain and wear.

The smallest diameter is 0.5mm.

(see variations)

Wide use collet.

Standard 16°(DIN6499/ISO15488) taper collet, the most popular in world.
Major CNC makers are adopting this collet as standard items for milling collet chucks.

Through-the-tool coolant

For coolant thru the tool application. High pressure up to 7 Mpa is acceptable.
Standard holders and nuts can be used. Bearing of nut is not affected by coolant.

Nut and Adjust screw

Ball bearings are used to reduce friction. Trapezoidal thread is used for higher accuracy.
Two pieces structure is used to reduce run out caused by set off cutting tool.
Adjustment is projection length of the cutting tool from holder shank side.
It is available for tang shape cutting tools.

Special coating

Holder doesn’t rust due to special rust proof treatment on full surface.