CNC Production Center XKNC-VTC-40C

CNC Production Center XKNC-VTC-40C

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Product overview

The CNC Production center VTC-40C, manufactured in Xi’an with the cooperation of Japan Kira company adopts spindle of Japanese origin with high speed and accuracy as well as international universal BT40 tool shank.

The tool storage of 14 tools is controlled by servo motor with excellent acceleration and deceleration performance. Rational mechanical construction design and large foundation as well as pillar casting structure ensure high rigidity of lathe and the feed faying face of abundant width could ensure stable heavy turning as well as processing of components of vehicles, motors and universal components.


  1. High speed and high precision spindle
  2. Perfect tool exchange mode
  3. Stable mechanical structure
  4. Large door open space of folding type structure design of machine tool door
  5. Chip removal flushing device
  6. Maximum range of work
  7. Wide area of workbench maybe suitable to various installation methods
  8. Machine tool can be equipped with a tool break detecting device and tool setting gauge