A11GN102A002-40 UPS Online SANUPS A11G-Ni

A11GN102A002-40 UPS Online SANUPS A11G-Ni



      • Model No. : A11GN102A002-40
      • Rated output capacity (Apparent power / Active power): 1 kVA / 0.8 kW
      • AC input number of phase and wire: Single-phase 2-wire
      • AC input rated voltage: 240 V
      • AC input rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
      • AC output number of phase and wire: Single-phase, 2-wire
      • AC output rated voltage: 240 V
      • AC output rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
      • Runtime: 10 min

    (0.7 kW 12 min)

Compact and Lightweight

„ 50% reduction in volume and 14 kg (31 lbs) reduction in weight compared with the existing model*.
*Comparison based on identical backup time.

Constant, Stable-Quality Power Supply

The online UPS supplies continuous, high quality power at a constant voltage and frequency.
„ Continuous power is supplied even in the event of power interruptions, voltage sags, or transients.
„ No device malfunctions due to waveform distortion.

Easy and Reliable Sequential System Start and Stop

„ Start-up and shut-down sequences can be easily controlled for devices that have critical power-on/off
sequences, such as hard disks and servers.
*In the case of the 200 V model, control outputs 1 and 2 are simultaneously active.

Notes when investigating use of this product in your applications

  • Before starting an installation, assembling and use, read the “Operation Manual” carefully and use the product correctly in your applications.
  • When you are going to use this product in the following application, the special considerations are required for operation, running, maintenance and control. Be sure to consult with our company as a part of your investigations.
    (a) Medical equipment and other equipment that is related directly to human life.
    (b) Train or elevator that can give injury to the human body.
    (c) Socially and publicly important computer systems.
    (d) And other equipment that is related to the safety of human life and that can affect severe effects on maintenance of public functions.
  • For the applications that undergo vibration such as vehicles, ships and transportation facilities, please consult with our company.
  • Never modify this product or give additional processing to this product. For the installation and maintenance work, please consult with our company or with a specialized company.