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Product overview

  • High tech in CNC tool design, developed the small high precision CNC lathe which is famous for low cost, space saving, high rigidity and high precision. Most suitable for high quality small parts precision machining.
  • Humanization design easy operation and maintenance.
  • NC language standard accessories which can connect into soft production line with all the Kitamura CNC machine tools.
  • Completely subvert the traditional definition of person, machine operation.
  • Increase the production efficiency rapidly and decrease the unit product cost


  1. Modular servo manipulator
  2. General control system
  3. System safety protection
  4. Fast loading and un-loading. Manipulator save time and labor
  5. Safety and stability
  6. Various automation device
  7. Dovetail Sliding Guide Rail
  8. Proper Permutation Structure
  9. Precision Mail Shafts
  10. Selection of diversiform automatic fixture unclamping & clamping device
  11. Easier Operation and Maintenance
  12. Polygon Power Milling Device
  13. Oilmist Device
  14. Powerful AC servo motor
  15. Processing Precision within 0.2μm