NX205 Clear Lubricant off Dry Type

NX205 Clear Lubricant off Dry Type



  • Keep out of dust due to the dryness and non0stickiness if PTFE (fluorine) coating
  • Longer lasting effect comparing to lubricants of silicone series
  • Safe use in a sheet metal factory due to the property of non-silicone
  • Not applicable to OPOSP and PRTR
  • Superior effect with not only a manual regulator, but with a car of a stiff sliding window

General Example of Usage

  • Sliding part of a run channel
  • Antifreeze of weather-strip
  • Lubrication of a key cylinder
  • Stopping noises of a fan belt
  • Lubrication of a wire of an electrical sliding door
  • Lubrication of an electrical curtain rail, etc.
  • Lubrication of a pillar antenna, corner pole
  • Grouping of bushes, etc.
  • Others: Lubrication of oil-avoiding parts

Technical Information

  • Temperature limits of usage = -50 độ C ~ 200 độ C