Privacy policy

1. Basic Policy on Handling Personal Data

KAMOGAWA VIETNAM(hereinafter referred to as “the Company”)  may collect your personal data to the extent necessary to provide you with a better service. When collecting personal information, the Company will limit its purpose as much as possible.

2. Scope of Personal Data

The scope of personal data collected shall not exceed the limits necessary to achieve the purpose of the collection. Personal data that the Company collects is defined as information that the Company receives from you, and provided by a third party (including personal data contained in sound, images, video, etc.).

3. How the Company Collects Personal Data

When acquiring personal data collected in a lawful and fair manner, the Company shall announce or notify the purpose of use of the data and provide the data to the extent necessary for achievement of the purpose.  

4. Purpose of Use of Personal Data

The collected data is used as a reference for a smooth operation of the services  provided by this website.

5. How the Company Manages Personal Data

The Company will manage personal data appropriately and strive to prevent leakage to the outside world. In addition, the Company will strive for appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, loss, destruction, falsification of personal data from outside. 

The Company implements security measures of the highest level to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal data. 

6. Access to Personal Data

The Company shall limit the number of persons with access rights to access the database and other information pertaining to personal data. In addition, the Company will strictly control the use of personal data not to be used improperly within the Company.

7. Provision of Personal Data to A Third Party

Your personal data shall be used only by the company, and it shall be prohibited to provide the data to a third party, except for the case to open to the public statistical results processed in a form which does not enable the identification of the specific individual.

8. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Data

After receiving a request from the customer to correct, add, or delete the information held, the company will make the change of personal data within a reasonable timeframe and to a reasonable extent, after identity verification.

9. For Inquiries of Handling Personal Data

For requests and other inquiries regarding the handling of personal data including Article 8, please contact us at below.

Contact Us: 

10. Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to analyze its visits and usage. To analyze and share the results of Google Analytics, it may be possible to share information with group companies and business partners.  We use Cookie provided by Google Analytics, but we shall not take information which shall not enable the identification of  the specific individual from Google Analytics.  

The management of data collected through Google Analytics shall be based on Privacy Policy of Google. For more information on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, please visit the Google Analytics website. 

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